Marius Sperlich számára az emberi test a vászon, az ecset meg mindig az aktuális ötlet, hol egy kis testmódosítás, hol metaforikus játék, hol meg teljes újrakontextualizálás.

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THINK ABOUT IT. #censorship A female nipple is reason enough for a photo to be taken down on Instagram or Facebook. But the way social media platforms treat different types of content is a reflection of the way society perceives certain things – and this type of censorship makes the naked female body in particular seem inherently sexual or pornographic. Women, however, don’t view their bodies as primarily sexual, but as their reality – their home. So what kind of damage does it do to women to constantly have to look at their own bodies not through their eyes only, but also through society’s sexualised perspective? What does it mean growing up and being told that your own naked body is always sexual, always pornographic? And what kind of implications does that have on the women that choose to show their bodies? A female body is just that – a body. It should not be treated differently than a male one, and it should never be a canvas for the projection sexualised fantasies. Concept & Photography: @mariussperlich Make Up Artist: @kristinroesmakeupartist Model: @klara.femen, activist from @femenofficial Text by @klara.femen & me, translated by @joannabacas #censorship #freethenipple #statement #teamsperlich #closeup #mariussperlich #makeupmarius #berlin #memerius

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