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Ismerd meg Tyrone-t, aki a te kezedből is kiütné a cigarettát, ha látná

Valahogy így:

Nice day to prowl in the streets of North filthy! 😏 I mean North Philly. Lil nigga probably didn't understand a word I was saying 🤷🏻‍♂️ His girl wanted me tho real shit! Look how she sized me up! 👀 she ain't mean what she said though, 😒 I caught her switching for me too, I'm trying to have fun in them buns, 🍑 Hun! Pacquiao must be new around here this a 🚭 zone‼️ and got damn Pop why your jacket got so many zippers on it looking like a Puerto Rican Edward Scissorhands ✂️ Today's forecast mostly sunny 🌞outside with a chance of #Fuckallthat SLAP 👋🏿🚬 smoking is bad motherfucker! #Imtyrone and you can find me prowling 🐅 in a city near you #QuitSmoking #TyroneNation #longdickstyle #Bruh

Közzétette: Tyrone – 2017. december 2., szombat


Tyrone tehát egy nem apró termetű ember, aki, igen, propagandát folytat a káros bűzrúd ellen, de a maga módján.

0 to 💯 real quick! Bebe's kids wasn't haven't it, Tee grizzly got #StraightToIt lmfao #WithNoEffort 😩 Goddamn! Almost lost my life trying to save another motherfucker's. The medusa twins jumped on my ass like I owed them money but #fuckallthat you overfed care bear face ass! 🐻 #smokingisbad but don't worry Whoopi I'm here to save the day 😏Lil mama a rider tho ‼️Now that's a wife 🙋🏾 I like but lucky for you she look like Nino Brown with a snap back on 😎 Hold the fuck up! Where the fuck y'all get a Migo from? 🤔 Nigga slid from behind the car like #TakeOff! 👀 You got to be quicker than that tho. My Tyrone senses started going off 👤letting me know somebody smoking 🚬 some 💩 #Smokingisbad motherfucker 😡 I hate smokers but one thing I hate more is a nigga wearing shorts with a long sleeve sweater 👋🏿🚬 Take your mix matching ass back in the house before I call DHS 📞👮🏻on y'all lil bad motherfuckers! Back on the Prowl tho I got a long day‼️#ImTyrone #Quitsmoking #Tyronenation #longdickstyle #fuckcancer

Közzétette: Tyrone – 2017. november 14., kedd


És közben azért az asszociatív költői vénáját is megrezzenti:

Just doing my normal daily prowl, trying to keep the streets safer from these motherfucking cigarette smokers! 🚭 #SmokingIsBad This nigga here deserve to get his 🚬 smacked out of his black sausage link fingers he calls hands 🖐🏿 #FuckAllThat You Eddie Griffin Looking Motherfucker! Over here looking like a used tampon #NotFeelingSoFresh and what's up with your man's? 🤔He must got menopause or something. Nigga started unzipping his jacket like he was having hot flashes 🤦🏿‍♀️ This fool mad at me because he bet on those goddamn Eagles 🦅 Motherfucker I'm from Philly I could've told you not to do that 😒Swore you was about to make a come up 💵 Now you and your Candycane friend over here have to figure out a way to ask your baby mamas 🙎🏾 for money so you can pay back the bet you lost 😩 now I might not can save you from that ass whipping y'all got coming but I damn sure can save you from lung cancer 🚬👋🏿 #SmokingIsBad #TyroneNation #NoChill

Közzétette: Tyrone – 2017. december 5., kedd


Néha meg dühös haiti emberekkel is összefut, akik pengét kapnak elő.

Smoking🚬💀is bad. When sparks fly 💥Slap Cam edition‼️PART 6 #compilation #fuckallthat #imtyrone #TyroneNation #quitsmoking TAG 3 PEOPLE YOU WANT ME TO DO THIS TO 👋🏿😂

Közzétette: Tyrone – 2018. január 11., csütörtök


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