Super lucky and stoked to have Sky's photo featured on Instagram. Sky is just so pumped and over the moon. Thankyou Instagram!! and Thankyou Christin!! You are Awesome!! This is too Rad!! @hellochristinrose @instagram It all started with an image of Sky Brown, a 7-year-old skateboarder from Japan who glared challengingly into Christin Rose’s (@hellochristinrose) camera. “She made this project,” the photographer says. “Her knee’s all bloodied up and she’s just sitting on her skateboard with her turquoise nail polish chipped off.” Christin’s initiative #ShePlaysWeWin features in-your-face images of tough little girls in all their athletic glory. “The courage my life requires right now to take risks, be willing to fail, be a teammate and work on getting better is the exact same stuff I learned on the softball field when I was 10 years old,” the photographer says. So far, she’s photographed skateboarders, surfers, soccer players and boxers, predominantly in her native California, but she envisions going global. “If it helps one little girl go, ‘Maybe I could skateboard, maybe I could play ice hockey,’ it will all be worth it.” Photo by @hellochristinrose

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Reméljük tényleg szívből csinálják, és nem a szüleik álmát valósítják meg. Mert ha így van, akkor nincs nagyobb király ma a hétéves Sky-nál és a négyéves Oceannál, akik úgy adják be a félcsöveket és a korlátokat, hogy azt pallérozott tinédzserek is megirigyelnék. Erre van az Instagramjuk, de mutatunk tőlük néhány flikflakkot mi is.

Now This is what you call Double Trouble!! These two just having too much FUN Sk8ing doubles together this afternoon. 7 year old girl Sky skating with her 4 year old little bro Ocean!! #mindblown again.. #4yearsold #speedtoburn #7yearold #girl @girlisnota4letterword @dwindledistribution @almostskateboards @globebrand @pridesocks @ronineyewear @smithscabs @christianhosoi @dcshoes @dcshoesjapan @hosoiskateboards @selectdistribution @dcshoes @smithscabs @goprojp @skatersocksusa #hosoiskateboards #christianhosoi #selectdistribution #girlisnota4letterword #dwindledistribution #almostskateboards #globebrand #pridesocks #xshelmets #iheartpompom #ronineyewear #moonjelly #skatergirl #skate #awsmkids #skatelife #skateboarding #gopro #goprojapan @goprojp #girl #7yearold #skater #skatecrunch #shralpin #metroskateboarding #tricksareforkids

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It's not that easy to find other girls that just Get you, but these Two Souls are so alike. Sky chasing her 9 year old buddy Vianez @vianez0sk8 down the Snake Run at Venice, on a winter sunset sesh, and yes all the boyz just stepped back.. Vianez, you will always be super special for Sky.. She can't wait to shred with you again! ?Shot by @hellochristinrose for her #sheplayswewin project that celebrates tough, passionate little girls. The project is inspired by tough little girls everywhere; by their chipped nail polish, skinned up knees & fearless spirits. @girlisnota4letterword @dwindledistribution @heidi_lemmon #dwindledistribution #girlisnota4letterword #almost #globebrand #pridesocks #xshelmets #metrogrammed #skatecrunch #venicebeach #girlskater #skatelife #skatergirl #skate

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